Come early on Wednesday December 6 and explore the Deering Estate! Open from 10:00-4:00, $12 entry fee. Then go grab some dinner nearby and return for our free film showing at 7pm.

Click here for Schedule (times could vary from 10-15 minutes)

Celebrate Water! Film Festival Oct 22. Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale Florida

Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich is co-hosting the Oct 22 Celebrate Water! Film Festival at Savor Cinema. Her District 1 is largely Everglades territory. Did you know that Broward County is 2/3 Everglades?

Poet Dita Devi will perform "Dance in the Rain" at the Oct. 22 Celebrate Water! Film Festival at Savor Cinema

Houston Cypress, Otter Clan, Miccoukee Tribal member, will recite the poem "Persistence of Vision"

Enjoy a Sampling Bar of LaCroix Sparkling Water!

Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Chief Resilience Officer of Broward County, will be Speaking at "Celebrate Water!" on Oct. 22. Broward County Sustainability Department will have information tables in the outdoor lounge

Samuel Tommie offers a flute opening Prayer at the "Celebrate Water!" events. Behind him on the screen is a silent film from his home, the Everglades. Sam is from the Bird Clan, Seminole Tribe, and his flute brings a blessing to the attendees of the Celebrate Water! events.

Robert Carr, Archeologist, is featured in the Miami River film, describing historical sites along the river, such as the Met Circle from the Tequesta Indians

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava will give the Opening Remarks at the December 6 showing of the Miami River film, at "Celebrate Water!" at the Deering Estate, 7-9pm. Free admission and free parking.

Lee Tiger of the Miccosukee Tribe, and artist Robin Haines Merrill are interviewed in the Miami River film, inside the limestone caves beneath the Miccosukee Embassy along the Miami River

Join Dr. Paul George of History Miami Museum as he narrates much of this film, while on a boat going along the Miami River

Pedro Zepeda, traditional Seminole wood carver, is interviewed in the Miami River film while carving a dugout canoe from a cypress log, at the Upper Room Art Gallery when it was in Riverfront, downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr will speak about Fracking and protecting our water from oil exploration. Sunday Oct 22, Celebrate Water! Film Festival

Question & Answer time after the January showing of the Miami River, at Savor Cinema. Robert Carr, Flex Kayakifari, Jose Ocejo, Katja Esson, Pedro Zepeda